ATLAS RADIO: from any place and at any moment

Welcome to Atlas Radio. In the new platform, we also have available our Atlas Radio: a meeting place for professors, students, teachers, and the entire educational community.   We invite you to listen to the first programs of 2009!



Radio Atlas History

By way of this access, you will be able to enjoy the programs which were broadcast in the first edition of Atlas Radio.


First Program of Atlas Radio in 2009
A group of “Atlas veterans”  have reunited by way of Skype to share their experiences inside of the Atlas of Diversity and to speak on a theme that affects many schools all over  the world:  immigrant students.
Atlas Inspires
Professors from many countries share how Atlas came to their schools and their experiences since the beginning of the project. 

Atlas of the Tongues/Languages

Atlas of the Languages is a project that immerses us in the marvelous world of words.
From México, Núria de Alva comments to us about how to move forward with this project.


Castellano /

Catalán / Portugués